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Quick Tips for Treating Kids with a Cold or Flu

January 31, 2018

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When having twins…you DON’T need 2 of everything!

December 19, 2017

There is no doubt that preparing for twins is a monumental task, but the good news is, you don’t need to double your shopping list.

With two babies joining your family there are certain things that you will want two of: two car seats, two cribs, two mattresses, etc.  Think of it this way, if they can’t share it because of safety reasons, you need two.

Curious about crib sharing, read our thoughts about that here.

However, we are here to tell you about the tried and true items that you really don’t need two of.


Twin Prepping: you only need one:


Nursing Pillow

Single nursing pillows are amazing, however, there is an awesome pillow just for twin parents called the Twin Z Pillow.  It is the BEST option for mamas who are expecting two! This sucker allows you to breastfeed or bottle feed your babes at the same time.

If you are gifted a few boppies as hand-me-downs, that’s freaking great.  You can let other people feed your kiddos with those, but believe us, you don’t need two. Maybe pass them along to help out your friends who are expecting singletons.



Diaper Bag

Our only advice here is to get a larger backpack or crossbody bag because you are going to be carrying twice as much stuff (hello, you have two babies…remember?) around with you.

Let us warn you now that you have to begin to learn to let go of the items that you think you MIGHT need.  We know….gasp…it is hard to do, but you are about to inherently have twice as many things to worry about.  You simply don’t need the extra headache of worrying about the “just in case”.  Just know that you will thank us AND yourself later!


We know all too well how overwhelming twins and all that come with them can be, but the truth is, you quickly learn that less is more when it comes to just about EVERYTHING!  So, do yourself a favor skip some of the doubles to save some space, some cash, and some sanity!












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